Hi, I'm GearĂ³id.

I'm a UX/UI designer with a background in Front End Engineering.

You can find me with the brilliant Precise TV team designing and building User Interfaces.

Brighton Fringe 2017

UX/UI Design

Brighton Fringe app is a mobile application to search and book events at Brighton Fringe Festival.

The project had a short design and development sprint before Fringe 2017. It was taken into consideration that the application was being built using react native which is one code base for both Android and iOS. I researched design ideas, built wireframes and collaborated with developers before and during development. During Brighton Fringe I undertook Guerrilla usability testing.

Brighton Fringe screenshot


UX/UI Design & Frontend Development

TruChallenge came to us to redevelop and redesign there existing application.

My responsibility was to collaborate with stakeholders and developers while designing the user experience on Desktop, iOS and Android.

Part of my role was to build the responsive frontend layout of the mobile application.

TruChallenge screenshot


UX/UI Consultant

My role was to review and critique the application from a user experience perspective.

Using the Microsoft desirability toolkit I worked with the founders to make changes to the design to reassure users that it's a safe and trustworthy application.

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Designed & built with in Brighton, UK.